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What is Gallo Consulting?

Well, in short, we make mobile apps… with a twist. Our Roosters work hard to “crow” out enhanced mobile solutions tailored to your business.

We have over a decade and a half of Information Technology and Customer Service experience, and together with our range of specialised skillsets, we have brought to Gallo Consulting something which we believe sets us apart from others in the industry; that is our human approach.

“Don’t be fooled by the Rooster’s humble appearance, for when we start to crow, the whole town will hear!”

Get in Touch!

We cater to all types of individuals/sole traders, and any other organization or group.

Browse our work, read our blog, and experience with us what it is like to be part of the Gallo experience. You’re part of the family, whether you work at Gallo or use our services to give you that leap of faith.

In the spotlight

At Gallo Consulting, we understand what it is like being on the receiving end… it is virtually why we came about. We believe in focusing on what is impotant to you and your core business. We develop solutions which enable you to focus on what you do best.

We are the enablers that bridge the gap between technology and business. Our core beliefs are in growth and adaptability. Today’s markets are fast-paced and at times unpredictable. We see the constant battle of keeping up with technology, business processes, cultural and geographical distances as challenges. We aim to achieve most of our goals as we believe that everything is possible.

We aim to assist our Clients by providing tailored solutions, built around their business culture. We treat all Clients as equal – no Client is too small or too big. We geniunely care about our Clients, and place each and every one in the spotlight.

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Recent Projects

Have a snoop over our recent work – then when you’re done, grab yourself a coffee or tea, and contact us to submit your App idea.