Gallo Consulting? Yes!

Well, in short, we make mobile apps… with a twist.

We love design!

Our small team of Roosters work hard to “crow” out enhanced mobile solutions tailored to your business.

We have over a decade and a half of Information Technology and Customer Service experience, and together with our range of specialised skillsets, we have brought to Gallo Consulting something which we believe sets us apart from others in the industry; that is our human approach.

Beautiful Designs

We take pride in ensuring that your project not only functions as it should, but we also deliver on design. That's what we do best.


We love design, but we do not sacrifice functionality. We ensure your website works across many platforms & optimise your apps.

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You're #1

You are important to us. We provide professional & honest consultation and services, but we try our best to please you and your goal. You're #1!

Current Trends

We are constantly evolving with the trends of the web & mobile apps so that you have the best competitive advantage.

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Creating apps to boost your goals

We create apps to boost you and your goals. We design & develop tailored apps designed specifically for your goals. Dashboards, communication & planning tools and even management systems, all


Tailored apps ensure that we maximise value to you to obtain the results you need. On-demand information key to your decision making process.


We assess your requirements & truly get to know you so that we can deliver a product simple for you, not your neighbor or your best friend, you!


Your data is accessible, securely, via mobile, computer, or other web-enabled device. PC, Mac or your tablet & mobile; you have a browser, you have your data.

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